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A snow-white, perfect smile is just three steps away. Lava Inspiration by Materna are lava crowns made digitally using the latest technologies. Book a consultation in our clinic in Poznań and enjoy your new Hollywood smile every day!

„Currently, thanks to advanced tools such as pantomography, intraoral scanners, DSDs and world-class materials, we have virtually unlimited possibilities in aesthetic dentistry. We use them every day in our clinic to perform hundreds of treatments, and the results are amazing and simply breathtaking. Particularly noteworthy are the LAVA Crowns, thanks to which everyone can achieve a beautiful smile in a short time, and thus a new look and self-confidence. I love to give my patients happiness and joy, and with the use of LAVA Crowns it is possible! Their joy and satisfaction after the procedure are the most important professional satisfaction for me.”


Dr. Tomasz Materna

Founder and Clinical Director of Materna DENTAL

doktor Tomasz Materna - klinika stomatologiczna poznan materna dental

Superior properties of LAVA crowns

  • Biocompatible

  • Non-irritating

  • Non-allergic

  • Excellent looking

  • Naturally transparent

  • Perfectly matched

  • High tightness of the edge

  • Strong and durable

  • Low thermal permeability

właściwości koron lava - klinika stomatologiczna poznan materna dental

At the Materna DENTAL clinic, we focus on the highest quality. Our LAVA Crowns are created in the laboratory in Poznań by the Master of Dental Technology with the use of the most up-to-date dental equipment and the highest quality materials.





You’re only three steps away from life change

Making LAVA crowns consists of three simple steps that you have to go through to be able to enjoy your new smile for years. The exact implementation of each of them is essential and takes several hours. For details, please see below:


During the first visit, we take a panoramic photo of the teeth on site. Then, a three-dimensional image of the entire dentition is taken with a modern intraoral scanner. On the basis of the collected data, the doctor analyzes whether the teeth are properly prepared or whether additional treatment is required. If everything is ok, we take impressions of the teeth of both arches, which are immediately sent to the laboratory. At the same time, we start creating a digital design of a new smile and start shaving teeth for lava crowns. Finally, temporary crowns are placed on the properly shaved teeth.


The preparation of lava crowns by a Master of Dental Technology is an extremely precise procedure, and yet the second step can take place just a few days after the consultation visit. The lava crowns are tried on and pre-placed – the doctor will make sure that they fit perfectly to the shaved tooth and the rest of the dentition. First, the upper arch is tried on, and then the lower one.


The last stage is to place the crowns on the previously prepared dental arch. The doctor carefully makes sure that everything has been done in accordance with the assumptions and design, and any corrections are made. It takes about 3 hours to set one bow. That’s it – the patient can finally enjoy a new smile! Isn’t that simple?

Frequently asked questions

Virtually everybody can have a lava crown fitted. There are only a few situations in which crowns are not recommended. It is usually associated with severe dental health, chronic diseases or congenital genetic defects. During your first consultation, after taking a pantomography image and a thorough examination of the teeth, the dentist will determine and decide whether there are any contraindications for LAVA crowns. In the vast majority of cases, this decision is positive.

It all depends on the current state of your dental health. If the teeth are healed properly and there are no complications, we will be able to fit the LAVA crowns in the three steps described earlier. But if, during the next visit, it turns out that any of the teeth needs treatment, this must be carried out first. Only after those teeth are treated, we can proceed to fit the LAVA crowns.

Yes, of course. LAVA crowns can be made in any color, including the lightest – “Hollywood” white – BL1.

The cost of one LAVA crown, regardless of the quantity, is PLN 2600. This is the current price in 2023.

No, the cost of one crown will still be PLN 2600. LAVA crowns are top-class crowns made of the best quality materials. Other types of dental crowns are available at a lower price.

There is a 15-year warranty on zirconium oxide and a 1-year warranty on porcelain itself.

Lava crowns are made of an extremely strong, damage-resistant material. Once fitted, they perform the function of teeth and in some cases, just like your teeth, can get damaged. A crown may get damaged in any of the same ways as a regular tooth, such as: a blow to the face, a fall, grinding your teeth or biting down on something hard. If the crown is damaged, cracked or broken, it must be replaced with a new one. Most crowns last 10 to 15 years before needing to be replaced.

All necessary procedures will be performed at our Materna Dental Specialist Clinic in Poznań, 30 Kościerzyńska Street, 60-446. We are looking forward to seeing you!

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