Conscious sedation with “Laughing gas”

We are well aware that many people are nervous before visiting a dentist, so the mental comfort of patients is particularly important to us. As one of the few clinics in Poznań, we have a device for inhalation sedation – dosing nitrous oxide, the so-called laughing gas. The gas will help you to relieve anxiety before the procedure and allow the patient to relax.

We use the Master Flux Plus device by the leading company Tecno-Gas. It’s main features include:
– has a calming and relaxing effect,
– has an analgesic effect with a negligible hypnotic effect,
– nitrous oxide does not dull the patient

Sedacja wziewna – Master Flux Plus - Tecno-Gaz - klinika stomatologiczna Poznań Materna Dental

This is an extremely safe and effective method used for the past 50 years to help anxious patients relax during their dental treatment. The effects of the gas are just limited to the period when the patient breathes through their nose. The effect of the gas wears out quickly, usually within a couple of minutes after the gas intake is stopped. Nitrous oxide is also non-addictive and non-allergic.

The inhalation sedation device available at Materna Dental is currently the most advanced product on the market. For more information on Inhalation Sedation, please visit here.