Professional mouthguards

Dental protection is especially important for physically active people, especially those who practise extreme and contact sports, or sports involving falls. This includes football, rugby, basketball, hockey, skateboarding, gymnastics, cricket and mountain biking. The mouthguard should be resilient, tear-resistant, ligh-weight and comfortable. It must also fit properly and not restrict your breathing or speech. For both amateurs and professionals, we will prepare personalised silicone teeth protectors. They will protect your teeth from unwanted damage and injuries.

Personalized mouthguards for athletes

BIOPLAST ® silicone mouthguards are designed for active and demanding athletes. They are made by qualified dental technicians who work closely with a dentist. This ensures that your personal mouthguard adapts to your individual needs in any sport.

The material itself is high-quality ethylene / vinyl acetate (EVA), distinguished by first-class impact absorption and exceptional flexibility, while maintaining a light weight. It doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t bother, it’s protection in its highest form. BIOPLAST ® is an innovative design and the first of its kind in the world for forming tooth protection under pressure.

spersonalizowana ochrona zębów dla sportowców - klinika stomatologiczna poznań materna dental

1. Extremely comfortable – the individually made cover has a perfect fit. When playing sports, a slight slap on the mouth guard stabilises the teeth in the lower jaw.
2. It can be combined – it does not affect the braces.
3. Very effective – wearing a mouth guard significantly reduces the risk of injury to the lips, teeth, jaws and temporomandibular joint.
4. Impact absorption – the impact is evenly absorbed and distributed with less force.
5. Hygienic – dedicated CETRON ® cleansing powder, toothbrush and toothpaste are suitable for gentle care.

Three types of protectors for every challenge

Bioplast Master - ochraniacz na zęby - klinika stomatologiczna poznań materna dental


  • tried-and-tested, double-layer cover
  • for all leisure sports
  • double-layer laminated construction for best protection and comfort
  • 10 colour variants
Bioplast Xtreme - ochraniacz na zęby - klinika stomatologiczna poznań materna dental


  • integrated, reinforced section in the area of the anterior teeth
  • designed for contact sports – protects against strong impacts
  • double-layer laminated construction for best protection and comfort
Bioplast Xtreme Pro - ochraniacz na zęby - klinika stomatologiczna poznań materna dental


  • integrated, reinforced and additional hard plastic insert around the front teeth area
  • three-layer material structure for maximum protection and comfort
  • for professional contact sports with concentrated and powerful strokes
  • protects against the heaviest impacts, distributes the force over a larger area
It doesn’t take long to come to the conclusion that it is worth investing in professional tooth protection. In the case of sports accidents, a large percentage of them involve dental and periodontal injuries. The costs of repairing damaged, pulled or broken teeth, as well as any other injury to the oral cavity, far outweighs the costs of purchasing a customised, strong mouthguard.

Production of your personalised mouthguard in just a few steps

1. Dental consultation:

Depending on the form and type of sport you practise, your doctor will advise you which type of mouth protection is best for you

2. Creating the mould:

A properly prepared impression of teeth is the basis for the production of a proper plaster model of teeth.

3. Production of the personalised mouthguard:

Each protector is precision-crafted in a laboratory using a specialised stamping device and a thermoplastic plate. It covers the top row of teeth and has little pressure on the lower teeth.

4. Fit and adjustment:

The fit will be regularly tested by your dentist and adjusted individually if necessary.

Production process of a mouthguard
produkcja dopasowanego ochraniacza na zęby - klinika stomatologiczna poznań materna dental

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