Dental implants for years to come

Missing teeth can significantly lower self-esteem and cause a range of problems. But luckily, dental implants are now relatively easy and quick to make and can look as natural as your teeth. At Materna Dental Clinic in Poznan, we offer high quality dental implants, fitted by our skilled dentists. Regardless of the scope of treatment, you will be surrounded by professional care of our implant team, feeling comfortable and safe at the same time. Our goal is your perfect smile and satisfaction, because dentistry is not only our job, but above all our mission and passion.

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Benefits for patients

  • Regain a healthy and beautiful smile

We implant a small titanium screw within the bone, making the implant structurally identical to your natural teeth. This also protects your jaw bones, maintains teeth alignment and prevents facial drooping and saggy skin.

  • Safe and comfortable treatment

During the procedure, you will feel calm and relaxed thanks to anesthesia, chosen according to your preferences. It can be, for example, modern, painless computer-assisted anesthesia. Implant procedure in our clinic in Poznań is 100% safe. We have a team of trained clinicians, who are dedicated to providing quality care. We are also experienced in treating patients who have high levels of anxiety and dental phobia.

  • Constant care of specialists

Our implantology team is led by dr. Tomasz Materna. His broad competences, passion and commitment have won him a large group of satisfied patients. Dr. Materna has successfully fitted several hundred implants, enabling his patients to eat, drink and smile with confidence.

  • Guarantee of the highest quality

We use Swiss SGS implants which are not only some of the highest quality on the market, but also one of the dental systems offering one of the shortest treatment times. The quality of implant treatment is determined by many factors – repeatedly tested material, modern and safe method of insertion and specialist qualifications of our experienced doctors. We will also regularly monitor your implant, which gives you a guarantee of a long-lasting effect.

Dental implants in our clinic

implanty zębowe - klinika stomatologiczna poznań materna dental

At Materna Dental we know that no one wants to lose teeth. With dental implants you can eat, drink, smile and laugh with confidence. Dentures and bridges can provide excellent replacements on an aesthetic level but they might not offer the same stability of natural teeth – this is where implants make a real difference.

The Swiss implants used at the Materna Dental Clinic are made of the highest quality biocompatible material – titanium alloy with a special coating. The Swiss manufacturer SGS Dental and its Swiss Implant Systems meet all stringent quality standards. Every implant from SGS Dental is inspected with a high-precision triple quality control, so they have easily achieved ISO certification. The procedure is performed by experienced specialists in the field of implantology. Based on modern methods, our team is able to reconstruct teeth in the place where the cavity occurred many years earlier.

Implant surgery involves inserting a small screw into the jawbone, to serve as a post for the dental crown that will be later placed on top (usually after 10-24 weeks). Implants are small, several-millimeter-long cones, usually made of pure titanium. Titanium is biocompatible with bone structure, which means it is not rejected by the body’s immune system. This unique property allows the implant to fuse with the bone as if it was natural tissue, creating a synthetic root. Titanium is also incredibly strong, resistant to corrosion and hypoallergenic, which means there is little to no risk of an allergic reaction.

It is worth knowing that implant procedures are used not only for aesthetic reasons, but also to prevent periodontal diseases and the loss of your own teeth. The procedure itself takes only up to 20 minutes. Prior to the treatment however, the dental surgeon must analyze the condition of the teeth and bone tissue. The most commonly used method for this is panoramic X-ray or computed tomography.

At our clinic we provide both examinations in-house, to many of our patients who are thinking about undergoing advanced dental treatment, such as dental implants. We have the latest Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) scanner at our practice, the Carestream CS8100 3D. Our CBCT scanner provides a detailed 3-D image of the teeth and jaws which can’t be obtained from a conventional X-ray. You can read more about it here.

Swiss Implant Systems

The use of a single implant
swiss implant systems - zastosowanie jednego implantu - 1 - klinika stomatologiczna poznań materna dental
swiss implant systems - zastosowanie jednego implantu - 2 - klinika stomatologiczna poznań materna dental
swiss implant systems - zastosowanie jednego implantu - 3 - klinika stomatologiczna poznań materna dental
swiss implant systems - zastosowanie jednego implantu - 4 - klinika stomatologiczna poznań materna dental
The use of several implants
swiss implant systems - zastosowanie wielu implantów - 1 - klinika stomatologiczna poznań materna dental
swiss implant systems - zastosowanie wielu implantów - 2 - klinika stomatologiczna poznań materna dental
swiss implant systems - zastosowanie wielu implantów - 3 - klinika stomatologiczna poznań materna dental
swiss implant systems - zastosowanie wielu implantów - 4 - klinika stomatologiczna poznań materna dental

Bicon dental implants

Quality matters – Bicon dental implants

In some cases, we use Bicon dental implants. Bicons’ unique plateau design follows bioengineering principles which allow for the use of a unique, shorter shape of an implant. Some of the advantages of this system are:

– Limitation of the extent of the procedure,
– Limitation of indications for bone tissue augmentation,
– Broadening the indications for implantation,
– Shorter treatment time,
– Atraumatic treatment techniques,
– Lower reactions after surgery,
– Reducing the risk of complications,
– Minimization of costs,
– Excellent functional and cosmetic effects.

implanty stomatologiczne bicon - klinika stomatologiczna poznań materna dental

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Are there any medical contraindications for implants?

Actually, no. If you have a medical condition such as cardiovascular disease, kidney damage, or if you are prone to bleeding or have a damaged immune system, you should always tell your doctor. In some cases, the side effects of medications can affect the healing process, which is why your dentist should be informed about all the medications you are taking regularly during your first consultation.

Are dental implants safe for Diabetics?

Yes. Not only are dental implants safe for those who suffer from diabetes, they can also improve their health. Implants will not only help maintain a well-balanced diet, they can also eliminate the inflammation and infections that are common with dentures or diseased teeth. However, your illness must be carefully controlled. Uncontrolled or untreated diabetes can adversely affect the healing process for metabolic reasons. If we have any doubts, we will consult your diabetes doctor.

Can I be allergic to implants?

Implants have been available on the market for over 40 years. During this time, no case of allergy to titanium implants has been recorded. Titanium does not have any ingredients that can cause allergies and is completely neutral in the body. Of the materials used for crowns and bridges, ceramic materials are the most compatible with the body. However, the risk of allergies varies with metals and plastics. During the consultation, your dentist will advise you on what material is best for you.

Can I undergo an MRI scan if I have implants?

Yes. The implants are made of titanium, which is paramagnetic – a metal that is weakly attracted to magnesium. Therefore, implants are not a contraindication to magnetic resonance imaging. However, it should be remembered that the prosthetic elements placed on the implants should also be made of titanium or ceramics.

Do implants differ in quality?

Of course. As with other products, we distinguish between very high-quality implants and lower-quality models. For example, there are differences in the shape of the implants and, in particular, in the type of surface. During a consultation visit to our Clinic, you will learn more about the properties of the implants we use, which are Swiss implants by a company called SGS Dental.

I need several implants, and I want to have whiter teeth and a more attractive smile. How can I achieve this?

During the first consultation, we will carefully check the condition of your teeth. We will then propose a plan for effective treatment and show you what your new teeth may look like using Digital Smile Design. We will find the right solution for any of your problems.

Can a dental implant be fitted in one day?

Absolutely. It is even possible to fit multiple implants in a single visit. However, there will be several aspects to consider when replacing multiple teeth, including cost, time and stability – all of these factors will be considered by your dentist during your initial consultation

Will I be in pain after getting a dental implant?

In the first few days after surgery, your gums may be more sensitive, but they won’t bleed anymore. You will experience some swelling and bruising near the surgical site and you can expect some pain for the next two to three days. However, this should be minor and most patients don’t even need a painkiller. You should be able to return to your normal lives the next day. This, of course, depends on the person and the extent of the procedure.

Do dental implants need special hygiene?

Yes. It is crucial to maintain good oral hygiene after getting dental implants. Home-care must start immediately after the procedure, but also before the implant is fitted, to allow for optimal healing. When cleaning, pay special attention to the area between the teeth and the gum. These areas are colonized by bacteria that, while attacking the gums, can also attack the bone around the implant. This can be prevented by using dental floss, small toothbrushes to clean the spaces between your teeth, or a water flosser. In addition, schedule regular hygiene appointments every 3-6 months.

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