Discover a milestone in modern dental treatment using

laser stomatologiczny – Lasotronix SMARTm PRO 405 - klinika stomatologiczna Poznań Materna Dental

Discover the state-of-the-art laser device available to our patients at Materna Dental Clinic. Thanks to it, we are able to perform complex dental procedures with even greater precision, most of them are non-invasive and stress-free. With the use of the SMARTm PRO laser beam, the treatment is much shorter, more effective and less expensive. We invite you to read about this amazing device in detail!

Main advantages of SMARTm Pro Laser:

  • Precise diagnosis of infections (e.g. caries, inflammation)
  • Non-invasive surgery with sterilization of irritation
  • Stress-free caries treatment
  • Faster healing and improved blood circulation
  • Less pain
  • Reduction of swelling
  • More effective and easier orthodontics
  • More careful and less invasive whitening
  • Effective and safe disinfection of bone tissue, implants and mucosa

Basic performance qualities:


  • The device is designed to work in many fields of medicine. Available in many versions differing in the power and wavelength of radiation, they can be used both in a small private practice and in a multidisciplinary clinic. A wide range of accessories: from fiber optics, through surgical handpieces, allows you to treat a wider range of diseases.


  • The design of the device allows the laser to be configured according to the individual needs of the doctor.


  • The SMARTm PRO laser is a single, versatile tool for cutting, coagulating, evaporating, sterilizing, biostimulation and photoactive disinfection of hard and soft tissues. SMARTm PRO ensures maximum comfort and quality of work. The laser works only at the point of contact between the optical fiber and the tissue, closing blood and lymphatic vessels at the same time, which in many cases means that there is no need for stitches. Damage caused by cutting with a scalpel covers approx. 200 rows of cells, with a cautery approx. 400, and in contrast, with a 980nm laser – only several rows of cells.
  • Haemostatic tissue incision protects against uncontrolled bleeding, tamponade or scabs. Therefore, the SMARTMPRO laser makes it possible to perform microsurgical procedures also in patients prone to hemorrhages and blood clotting disorders.


  • The appropriately harmonized duos of wavelengths and treatment applicators used in the SMARTm PRO laser translate into the achievement of unique therapeutic effects.
  • Laser No. 1: A laser with a wavelength of 980 nm for the best absorption of light in soft tissues works with an optical fiber with the smallest diameter of 200 μm available in dentistry. This combination allows to achieve true precision of operation and much less tissue damage, and shorten the procedure time to the necessary minimum. This wavelength also leads to an effective reduction of anaerobic bacteria.
  • Laser No. 2: Laser with a wavelength of 635nm, depending on medical indications, can perform biostimulation treatments, working with extraoral fiber applicators with a diameter of 2mm and 8mm or an extraoral lens applicator with a diameter of 12mm. The 635nm – 400mW laser perfectly activates toluidine blue, realizing the process of photoactive disinfection of hard and soft tissues without the effect of tissue discoloration.
  • The photoactive disinfection mode in the SMARTm PRO laser leads to the elimination of pathogenic microorganisms such as fungi, viruses, aerobic bacteria without causing the effect of their drug resistance.
  • Laser No. 3: The laser with a wavelength of 405 nm can perform precise diagnosis of the extent of bacterial infection and mucosal lesions invisible to the naked eye.

Now the treatment can be even more effective, the bacteria are finally visible. So you can easily determine the extent of the lesion and plan the best course of treatment, and finally check its effectiveness. When we see problems, we treat faster and more accurately: simply – more effectively.


  • A touchscreen control panel helps dentists navigate through the screens, and a functional QWERTY keyboard makes it easy to add new patients and search for existing ones.
  • Comfortable, double handles on the treatment handpieces ensure that everything you need is always within your reach.
  • SMART KEY – key, user manual and patient database – always with you.
  • The laser is equipped with a handy handle that allows easy carrying in the office without having to disassemble the device.

Safety and mobility – the laser and accessories are well protected in dedicated transport cases.


  • Working with the SMARTm PRO laser means the lowest costs of a single treatment, thanks to the use of reusable optical fibers and steel application caps.
  • The widest range of applications on the global market – SMARTm PRO allows you to perform any combination of dental procedures, from conservative or aesthetic dentistry to implantology and prosthetics.
  • SMARTm PRO = an investment in a better future.

Examples of applications in dentistry:

  • periodontics: elimination of bacteria in gingival pockets,
  • endodontics: disinfection of the root system and closure (vitrification) of microtubules, which is a protection against reinfection and apical leakage,
  • prosthetics, implantology, surgery: cutting, incision and coagulation of soft tissues – therapy, shaping the gum line, preparation of the prosthetic field, preparation of the gingival groove before the impression, along with drying of the treatment area, uncovering implants, cutting abscesses for drainage along with disinfection of the abscess cavity, cutting the frenulum of the tongue and upper/lower lip, excision of gingiva, papillae and fibromas,
  • biostimulation: treatment of inflammation, irritation, pulp exposure, cervical hypersensitivity, chronic and drug-resistant inflammation of the gums and periodontium, periprosthetic gingival necrosis, prosthetic bedsores, dry socket and stomatitis, inflammation of the maxillary sinuses, atrophic pharyngitis, postoperative throat wounds, trigeminal neuralgia, temporomandibular joint injuries, tissue healing after surgical modeling, membrane regeneration mucous membranes, stopping bleeding after tooth extraction, eliminating canker sores and herpes, regeneration of nerve fibers,
  • aesthetic dentistry: whitening of single dead teeth, full aesthetic whitening,
  • therapy of pain: acute, chronic, osteoarthritis of the temporomandibular joints, degeneration of the joints of the hand, wrist, elbow joint, arm, carpal tunnel syndrome, overload pain of the neck and neck, coagulation of herpes, aphthae,
  • PAD – laser ozonation of: root canals, gingival pockets, supporting the treatment of periapical lesions, periodontitis and peri implantitis, disinfection of cavities before filling, treatment of chronic and recurrent canker sores, extensive and punctual inflammation of the oral cavity caused by the herpes virus and other viruses, hygienisation of the cervical area after scaling,
  • Diagnostics of: tooth decay, tartar and plaques, enamel microcracks and tooth cracks, diagnostics of the location of fillings and prosthetic restorations, detection of bacteria within the periodontium and diagnostics of the actual extent of mucosal diseases, diagnostics of mucosal changes invisible to the naked eye in white light, diagnostics of early precancerous lesions, the ability to check the accuracy of work after the preparation of a cavity, canal, scaling or cleaning around the implant,

How does the device work

The SMARTm PRO 405nm + 635nm + 980nm diode laser is a state-of-the-art medical device designed to perform precise hemostatic incisions, controlled coagulation and tissue evaporation.

Specially designed optical systems, the possibility of embedding diodes and laser modules of different wavelengths (405nm, 635nm, or 980nm), as well as equipment with a flexible, thin quartz fiber with a wide selection of surgical handpieces guarantee a unique range of applications in contact microsurgery and biostimulation in medical disciplines such as dentistry, laryngology and dermatology.

The SMARTm PRO laser dedicated to dentistry is equipped with three complementary wavelengths: 405nm, 635nm and 980nm, creating the most comprehensive diode laser in the world:

The 405 nm wavelength is used in diagnostics. Based on the phenomenon of tissue autofluorescence, we can precisely diagnose the extent of bacterial infection and mucosal lesions invisible to the naked eye.

The 635 nm wavelength is used in laser ozonation of tissues (PAD) and their photobiomodulation. This laser is optimally selected for the activation of dedicated photosensitizers for the elimination of bacteria, viruses and fungi without side effects, without raising the temperature of bones or implants and drug resistance. An additional advantage is the fact that, as an LLLT laser with a power of less than 500mW, it provides safe, “cold” photobiomodulation of hard and soft tissues, thanks to which we can start stimulation within a dozen or several dozen seconds, e.g. significantly accelerate wound healing after surgical procedures, or inhibit the inflammatory process, swelling or pain. Photobiomodulation is an effective tool in the daily work of every dentist.

The 980 nm wavelength is used in precise thermal procedures such as microsurgery, periodontics, endodontics, whitening or pain therapy. For the 980 nm wavelength in the SMARTm PRO laser, the effects of tissue excision or evaporation are the fastest and safest (this wavelength shows eight times greater absorption in water than other commonly used 808-810 nm wavelengths). In addition to contact microsurgery, the device is used in endodontics, where it is perfect for treating tooth sensitivity or disinfection of root canals, in periodontology for disinfecting gingival pockets and deepening epithelial attachment, in microsurgery for hemostatic removal of gingival gums without the need for sutures, for gingivectomy. It is also a great tool for whitening teeth. The maximum power of 15W (continuous operation) or 30W (pulse operation) ensures comfortable and fast work both in surgical procedures and in aesthetic dentistry.