Mrs Iza came to Materna Dental Clinic for a smile makeover. The patient was tired of constantly hiding her teeth and admitted that she was simply ashamed to smile.

During the first appointment with Dr Anna Smolinskaya, a panoramic radiograph and an intraoral scan were performed. Due to a large amount of tartar that formed above and below the gum line, hygienization was recommended, followed by closed curettage. The residual roots of teeth no 24,46,47 were removed. Teeth no 13 to 23 were left in the upper arch, all of which, apart from tooth 23, had to be root canal treated by Dr Marika Lewandowska.

The patient did not want to wear a denture, so she went for an implant consultation with Dr Jacek Pawłowski. The bone conditions were not sufficient for immediate implantation. It was necessary to lift both sinuses and rebuild the bone. After 6 months, implantation was possible in sites: 14,16,24,26 using the MIS implant system.

The implants were uncovered 3 months after the implant procedure. Dr Tomasz Materna performed a gingivectomy, or correction of the gums. The midline was shifted to the left and ran diagonally.

Smile before the makeover

Uśmiech przed metamorfozą

An intraoral scan was performed, teeth no 13-23 were shaved for the prosthetic bridge and a temporary bridge was fitted.

The next appointment: fitting, allowed, among other things, to verify the patient’s expectations, check the tightness of the work, the height of the occlusion and the position of the smile line. The fitting allowed several changes to be made and the patient left the Clinic in a PMMA bridge and was able to get used to the new shape of her teeth.

The final result was implant-supported bridges in the lateral sections and a pillar bridge in the anterior section. All using the Cerkon Full Contour material in colour BL2.

Impressive, isn’t it?

Mrs Iza is already planning a makeover of the lower dental arch, what about you?

Smile before the makeover with a skeletal denture in the upper arch


Smile before the makeover


Smile after composite restoration

Uśmiech po odbudowie kompozytowej

Patient’s smile after fitting of the dental work

Uśmiech pacjentki po osadzeniu pracy

PMMA fitting

Przymiarka PMMA

Final work on the model. Cerkon full contour colour in BL2 colour

Praca ostateczna na modelu. Cerkon Pełen Kontur kolor BL2-i1