A panoramic radiograph, 3D CT scan, intraoral examination and photographic documentation were performed.

A review was carried out, which revealed carious cavities in teeth no 13, 15, 25 and 26, missing teeth no 15 and 25 and root remnants in tooth 27. Tooth 14 with a periapical lesion – was referred for root canal treatment to Dr Aleksandra Kowalczyk. Teeth 14 and 13 were reinforced with fibreglass inlays. Teeth 23 and 24 already had fibreglass inlays in place and did not need to be replaced. It was proposed to remove the root of tooth no 27, to replace the missing teeth with crowns and prosthetic bridges with an elevated cusp.

The patient's smile before the makeover

Uśmiech pacjentki przed metamorfozą

DSD – digital smile design – was performed. The patient’s preferences and expectations were established. Any comments regarding the work and the final result were communicated to the Dental Art laboratory.

After shaving the teeth in the upper arch, an intraoral scan was performed and temporary crowns were placed.

At the next appointment, Lava Digital Crowns in colour BL2 were tried on.

LAVA digital crowns Upper arch on the model

Korony cyfrowe LAVA Łuk górny na modelu

Digital photographs were taken so that the patient could get a close look at every detail of the prosthetic work.

11 Lava Digital Crowns in the colour BLEACH 2 were fitted.

Smile of the patient after fitting of the LAVA BL2 digital crowns

Uśmiech pacjentki po osadzeniu koron cyfrowych LAVA BL2

After some break, an intraoral scan was performed, followed by shaving of the teeth in the lower arch. Temporary crowns in BLEACH colour were fitted, to mask any imperfections in the lower arch.

Permanent digital LAVA crowns were ordered, to match the shape and colour of the crowns in the upper arch.

During the next visit, the fit of the new crowns was evaluated and after the patient’s approval the crowns and bridges were fitted permanently. 12 LAVA Digital Crowns in BL2 colour were fitted.

Korony cyfrowe LAVA Łuk dolny na modelu

LAVA digital crowns Lower arch on model

Korony cyfrowe LAVA Łuk dolny na modelu

LAVA digital crowns after fitting

Korony cyfrowe LAVA po osadzeniu

An occlusal equilibration was performed. A relaxation splint for the upper arch was also made, which will be used overnight for 3 months after the work has been fitted. The splint has a protective function for the adaptation of the new bite during sleep (when we bite down hard on our teeth) and a relaxing function for the temporomandibular joint.

Look at that wide smile!

Patient's smile after the makeover

Uśmiech pacjentki po metamorfozie

The patient's smile after the metamorphosis

Uśmiech pacjentki po metamorfozie

Dr Tomasz Materna with the patient

Doktor z pacjentką