Mrs Ula came to Materna Dental Clinic with pain in one of her upper premolars. A CT scan and an intraoral examination were performed. Unfortunately, it turned out that tooth 22 was cracked and needed to be extracted.

This did not mean that we left the patient without a tooth.

After consultation with implantologist Dr. Jacek Pawlowski, extraction with immediate implantation and loading with temporary work was proposed. Tooth 22 had no periapical lesion hence the chances of success were even higher. The patient breathed a sigh of relief. An intraoral scan and CT scan were performed to design the implant template. The MIS implant system was used. The provisional work for the premolar was made of PMMA material on a Mis immediate abutment.

The provisional crown was relieved in occlusion, the patient stayed in close contact with us and followed the medical instructions given, which contributed to the success of this stage of the treatment.

This solution allows for:

  • execution of tooth extraction and immediate implantation in a highly aesthetic location,
  • high predictability and shortening of the treatment time,
  • fitting a temporary prosthetic work in the colour of the adjacent teeth/crowns,
  • high tightness of the work as the immediate abutment is screwed onto the implant,
  • periodontal moulding for the final work from the time of implantation and the possibility to modify the temporary work during integration of the implant into the bone,
  • laboratory design of a PMMA crown on an immediate abutment (harder material than composite).

What appointments are necessary?

  1. Prosthetic consultation: tomography, pantomogram, photographic documentation, and interview with the patient. Implant consultation: interview, examination of the thickness of the alveolar and preliminary planning process of the implant treatment, intraoral scan. Surgical implant template planning by prosthodontist, implantologist and technician.
  2. Implant treatment using the surgical template guide. Fitting of the temporary dental work.
  3. Postoperative follow-up.
  4. Impressions for final work and the choice of colour.
  5. Handover of the crown on implant.

Smile of the patient after fitting of the final crown

Uśmiech pacjentki po osadzeniu korony ostatecznej

Selection of the colour of the permanent crown

Dobór koloru pod koronę docelową. Kolornik przyłożony do korony tymczasowej z tymczasowej 22 z PMMA