This is one of the most frequently asked questions by our patients. What if we could combine both methods into one smile? A great example is one of our recent works. We would like to introduce you to Mrs Marta, who was treated with LAVA Digital Crowns and Flow Injection.

Ms Marta came to us after completing orthodontic treatment at another dental practice. She had always dreamt of a beautiful Hollywood smile and came to us to make her dream come true.

At the consultation with Dr Tomasz Materna, LAVA Digital Crowns in BL3/BL2 from right to left “fifths” were planned, as well as Flow Injection on the upper teeth no 5 and 6 and the entire lower arch.

First, hygienist Marysia Górka performed a professional cleaning of the teeth using the EMS AIR-FLOW sandblaster. The lower arch was whitened with a Beyond lamp.
During the following appointment, Dr Tomasz Materna performed gingivectomy (surgical removal of the gum tissue) in the upper arch, thus obtaining a symmetrical, fuller smile.

The teeth in the upper arch were then shaved for Lava Digital Crowns and temporary crowns were made. Two weeks later, work from the DentalArt dental laboratory in Poznań was ready to be tried on.

During the appointment, minor adjustments were made and the crowns were sent back for glaze application.

After fitting the LAVA Digital Crowns in sections 15-25, Flow Injection was performed on 17,16,26,27 and 47-37. Once completed, a retainer was placed in the lower arch with orthodontist Dr Patrycja Przybylska.A retention splint was also required in the upper jaw.

One week later, the composite material was polished and a photo shoot was performed.

How do you like this smile?