Mrs Marlena started her adventure in January this year, she came to Materna Dental Clinic to transform her smile.

An intraoral examination revealed carious cavities in teeth number 17, 47 and 27, and tooth 28 was qualified for extraction. Dr Anita Myśliwiec removed caries from 47,27 and amalgam from tooth 17 in a cofferdam, which effectively isolates the tooth preventing amalgam from entering the patient’s mouth. Dr Tomasz Materna extracted tooth no 28.

Extensive bone atrophy ruled out implant-prosthetic restoration. Significant diastema and multiple missing teeth caused a lot of embarrassment for the patient, hence prosthetic reconstruction was proposed. The metal-porcelain material was chosen because of its overload resistance and the large gaps in the wings. Mrs Marlena wanted a brighter smile, so colour 1M1 was chosen.

The adventure began with an appointment with our hygienist Marysia Górka. Then, Dr Tomasz Materna performed a gingivectomy (gum correction), shaved the teeth and placed temporary crowns. An intraoral scan was sent to the Dental Art laboratory in Poznań.

During the fitting it quickly became clear that this was not going to be an easy job. The patient opted for larger crowns in the front in order to close the diastema. The technicians took on the challenge of ‘covering up’ the missing teeth and did a fantastic job by moving the rest of the teeth closer together in a very realistic way. Using pink porcelain, they also covered up large bone defects.

The whitening of the lower teeth was postponed due to the fact that Mrs Marlena is still breastfeeding. Immediately after the whitening in the lower arch, Flow Injection is planned.